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Treadlie 14



The latest Treadlie arrived in my mailbox. Excitement! Despite having many other magazines and books in my pile, this one goes straight to the top.

In it, is an article I wrote on custom bicycle maker Ewen Gellie.

I drove out to see him on what must have been one of the hottest days of summer. He’s all the way out in the bush blocks beyond Eltham, down a long, winding dirt road and then up a long, winding driveway.

But his little patch of nature is divine. Steep hills and spindly grey gums. His house – a work in progress still – is being kitted out to be sustainable: solar panels, rainwater tanks etc.

I ‘interviewed’ him in his workshop, though. I put ‘interview’ in inverted commas because it was more of a pleasant chat, really. Sipping iced water he kept obligingly refilling, we chatted about riding, steel, touring and the kind of people who buy custom-made bicycles.

I have to confess, I love writing for Treadlie. Not only are they really niceĀ folk, but I get to hang around bike workshops and chat to master tradesmen (and women). It’s endlessly good fun.